World Wide Autism Therapy

In-Home Speech-Language Therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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World Wide Autism Therapy is focused on providing individualized, evidence-based speech-language therapy to children and adults with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our goal is to help your loved one with autism successfully communicate and master specific skills.

Although your child may be receiving therapy services at school, as a parent you may not be seeing their skills generalize to your home or community environment. Perhaps the skills addressed at school are not the same skills needing to be addressed at home. Maybe your child is learning to use an Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) device and you need extra help at home to guide them in using that as their sole means of communicating. There may be occasions, such as visiting the dentist or grocery store, where your loved one is not able to maintain appropriate composure in that setting. You may already be traveling to get your loved one therapy services, but would prefer to have therapy take place in your home environment. Are you on a long wait list to start receiving therapy services? Does your child respond better to therapy when modern technology is incorporated? Are you tired of melt downs and at a loss for how to prevent them and teach your child to better accept changes? Is your child reaching the age where you would like them to be more independent? All of these are just a few reasons for seeking out therapy services from World Wide Autism Therapy.

 Here are a few Examples of Skills that can be addressed in therapy:


  • Language and Related Cognitive Skills (examples: understanding and using nonverbal and verbal communication, symbolic play, literacy skills, executive functioning such as problem solving and self-monitoring behavior)

  • Social Communication & Social Reciprocity (examples: initiating interactions, maintaining interactions by taking turns, providing correct responses for interactions initiated by others, joint attention such as social orienting, establishing shared attention, monitoring emotional states, considering others' intentions/perspectives) 

Therapy is provided by a fully licensed ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologist in your home environment. 

Services are currently offered in Kansas City, Missouri and surrounding areas.